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Employees are seeking a change of leadership style, from hierarchical to a coaching leadership style. To have a coaching style leadership you must have emotional intelligence so you can look for other people’s strengths, what motivates them in order to manage, inspire and collaborate with them.
We support your team to transform the way they lead. 

Large-scale change can only occur when massive numbers of people rally around a common opportunity.
John Kotter

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Change programme

We work through a people side of change lens, we look at how the systems and operations potential transformation will impact people. We leverage the Customer and Colleague advisory board and create a programme to mitigate risk and increase advocacy for the change to increase it’s success rate.

cultural change programme

We work with you to review and understand your company’s current culture, this includes the norms, values and practices which are revealed by how people think and behave. Once understood we would look to create a programme of how we can shift the current behaviour to be more aligned to your vision.


operational change programme

We work with clients to support them with creating lasting change that creates positive sentiment through workshops, education, coaching and communication. 


Executive Coaching

Working with your board and executive team to provide coaching to create an alignment of vision and the tools required to gain by-in from their teams.


communication programme

We will work with your internal teams to create and shape the messaging to your teams through a multi-channel approach.

training programme

 We will work closely with you to ensure the wider teams have been trained and understand why the change is important.  

Technology and consulting solutions

Our sister company Limehouse Consulting can bring a combination of world-class technology solutions designed by experienced business practitioners along with deep industry expertise to help organisations get the most out of their Systems and Processes.

talent acquisitions

Our sister company ea Change enables our Clients to deliver their Change Portfolio with the assurance that they will always be able to source the best skills needed from Individual Change initiatives – either for Change Programmes our Clients ask us to deliver and own or in some cases where they need additional Change Expertise to support their internal Change Capability.

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