Transformation Partners

Supporting Clients Transform Globally for over Two Decades

Transformation Partners is part of The Oriel Group. The Group is made up of experienced Banking Practitioners who can help define and execute the required Changes to organisations based on real industry practical experience. The Group delivers its Clients Change Programmes with the support of our own Technology Solutions designed by Bankers for Bankers; a range of Behavioral Change Tools and Techniques to ensure that the required Changes are engaged with by all members of an organisation, and to ensure all of this can be delivered in a timely, cost effective way, The Oriel Group is supported by our Consultancy pool of 2000+ experts from across the range of Change Skills that have supported our Clients Change initiatives across the World for over 20 years. 

Our 5 Pillars

1. Cost Management
2. Automation and Digital Transformation
3. Risk Management
4. Culture Change
5. Delivery Assurance

our services

Behavioural change

We are focused on creating the right mind-set in your team by aligning targets, measuring performance, as well as adjusting financial and non-financial rewards to make them consistent with the new processes and systems.

strategy & technology

Limehouse Consulting can bring a combination of world-class technology solutions designed by experienced business practitioners along with deep industry expertise to help organisations get the most out of their Systems and Processes.

resourcing experts

We source the best skills needed  from Individual Change Team initiatives – either for Change Programmes our Clients ask us to deliver and own or in some cases where they need additional Change Expertise to support their internal Change Capability.

Transformation Partners part of  The Oriel Group
Registered Office: 2 Oriel Court, 106 The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5AG. Registered in England and Wales No. 3502053.

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