Design Thinking provides you competitive advantage

Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking

  • Design thinking puts the people impacted by your Change initiative at the centre of your Change Programme
  • Helps us to get a deep understanding of customers’ needs and wants
  • It encourages creative consideration of a wide array of innovative solutions 

What Design Thinking is Not

  • Only for the “creative” people or product designers
  • Just a brainstorming session
  • A “one-day” process where problems can be solved in 24 hours 
  • A process to replace analytical problem solving 

Benefits of Design Thinking

  • Complements other problem solving techniques 
  • Helps organisations to become more innovative 
  • To solve human problems 
  • To increase customer satisfaction 
  • To engage your staff 
  • To excite your shareholders 

Traditional vs. Design Thinking

Traditional Thinking

  • Flawless planning 
  • Avoid failure 
  • Rigorous analysis
  • Presentations 
  •  Arms length customer research 
  • Periodic
  • Thinking

Design Thinking

  • Trial and error 
  • Fail Fast
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Lightweight experiments 
  • Deep customer understanding 
  • Continuous
  • Doing

How we leverage Design Thinking at Transformation Partners

  • It is a People Oriented approach to delivering Change
  • This approach will take into account your Customers unmet needs and desires
  • It will look to understand your staff’s areas of resistance and look to solve these through staff engagement and communication.
  • It will allow for a much wider set of creative considerations such as – how will the Customer feel about an AI interaction not a Human one and how can this be mitigated.
  • It as a Human Mindset lens as much as a process

Design Thinking in action

Strategic Design

Using Design Thinking we will understand your Staff and Customers needs in relation to the proposed Change initiative, and ensure any areas of resistance are taken into account in the Traditional design stages – along with making sure their untapped needs and desires are incorporated into the Change Programme.

Change Evaluation

We will assess how prepared you are for the planned Change and share with you all the insights gathered from our observations and recommendations on how to elevate your ROI.

Change Communication

We will support your change programmes to ensure that communication, engagement and plans deliver the desired effect of ROI.

Behavioural Transformation

We will work with you to create a behavioural transformation plan. Working with your board and executive team to provide coaching to create alignment of vision.


We work with you to create the solution/s is/are implemented within the prototypes, they are investigated and either accepted, improved and re-examined, or rejected on the basis of the users’ experiences.


We will work along side the change team through out the change programme to provide support and guidance. We will also establish a matrix of measures that we will monitor with you at 3/6 and 12 month stages after the Programme has been delivered to make sure that both Staff Engagement and Customer needs are being met.


Once the change is complete, review the results of the change programme from a human centric perspective. Did the internal end users feel they were engaged and understood the changes needed? Did the end customers feel they change enhanced the customer experience?

Speed up Innovation with Design Thinking | Guido Stompff | TEDxVenlo

Innovation made simple, that is Guido's passion. Elements of design thinking are the core of his idea.

The Oriel Group

Transformation Partners is part of The Oriel Group, the group offers a human approach to innovation which takes into consideration people’s needs, technology, and the requirements for business success – we think you would benefit from the experience of working with us as would your Customers and Colleagues. 

Limehouse Consulting 

Limehouse have consulting expertise and experience managing strategic and operational challenges through innovative solutions combined with disruptive technology

ea Change

ea change associates deliver exceptional change on an interim basis. Solving challenges and managing transformations for some of the world’s leading organisations.

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